5 cool things you can do with the Windows Key

The Windows key is a great way of getting common Windows tasks done fast!

If you don't know already, the Windows key is the button on your keyboard with the Microsoft Windows logo on it. Press it on its own and the start menu pops up, combine it with another button and you can do all kinds of different actions.

Here is our guide to the best ones:

Windows key + D to show the Desktop

A great way to move all the open windows out of your way and get to the files and icons on your desktop. Then press Windows key + D again to go back to the windows just as you had them.

Windows key, then start typing to Search

Since Windows Vista, the Windows key puts your cursor in the search box, meaning that you can instantly start typing in a search term to scan your computer. This works for files and applications.

Windows key + Pause/Break to open System Properties

This key combination quickly opens your system properties window, meaning you can do common tasks such as see your computer name, check the system config or open the device manager.

Windows + L to lock your computer

If you are walking away from your desk for a while, why not quickly lock your desktop to stop anyone accessing your files while you are away. This is better than waiting for your screen saver to lock the computer because it happens instantly.

Windows + N to open Notepad

Great for jotting down something from someone on the phone or from the web. Hitting this key cobo opens notepad and lets you start typing straight away.

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