8 Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys For Faster Writing

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular ways of creating a document. Whether you are writing a simple letter or writing the first chapter of your first novel, being able to use shortcut keys will help you to get things done faster.

Here are 10 fantastic shortcuts for Microsoft word:

Shift + F3 to change the case of the selected word

If you look up at the screen and your wRITING lOOKS lIKE tHIS - there is no need to delete it and start again. Simply select the text and hit Shift + F3 to change the case to something more pleasing.

Ctrl + Shift + [ or Ctrl + Shift + ] to grow or shrink the font by 1

This is a great way to quickly find the right size for your text without having to keep clicking with your mouse.

Ctrl + Up/Down to navigate between paragraphs quickly

Simply holding control while pressing up and down means you can get to the place you need to get to faster.

Ctrl + Alt + 1/2/3 to change text into a heading

Use this key combination to set the selected text as a header. The number used sets the text to be a specific header level. Formatting your headings like this is fast and stops another needless trip to the ribbon.

Ctrl + K to create a Hyperlink

If you want to turn your text into a web link. Hit Ctrl + K and Word will automatically open the link box to allow you to enter the web address required.

Ctrl + Alt + I for Print Preview

Over the various versions of Word, the location of print preview has moved around, sometimes making it hard to remember where it is. With a shortcut key, you don't need to know - just hit Ctrl + Alt + I to see how your document will look on paper.

F12 to Save as

If you need to save your most recent edits in a new file, hit F12 so you don't affect the original file. This also works great to save a backup copy of the file.

Shift + F7

Thesaurus. If you have used the same word several times, hit Shoft + F7 to quickly see some alternatives. The thesaurus is your friend in these circumstances!

What Word shortcuts do you use? Are there any that you think should be on this list? If so tell us on twitter at @ShortcutKeysOrg

Thanks for reading!

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