Create a shortcut key for any application in Mac OS X

In Mac OS X, you can create a keyboard shortcut for any menu command meaning you can add shortcuts to the tolls you use most, not the ones that the original developer presumed you would require.

As long as the existing menu command exists, you can create a shortcut for it.

To create a new shortcut:

  • Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences, and click Keyboard
  • Click Keyboard Shortcuts then click Add +
  • Choose the application
  • Enter the menu command which you want to create a keyboard shortcut for into "Menu Title". (The command must be written exactly as it appears in the application menu. Use the character viewer for special keys.)
  • In the Keyboard Shortcut field, press the shortcut key combination that you want to use
  • Click Add
  • Quit a restart the application which you added the shortcut for
  • If you add shortcut that already exists for another command, your new shortcut will not work. Find the existing command that uses it and reassign the shortcut for that item.

Reset: To return all shortcuts to their original shortcut keys, click Restore defaults.

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