TextMate shortcut keys Mac


Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Define a new macro ⌘+OPTION+M
Upvote4 0 Run the latest macro ⌘+SHIFT+M
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Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 New project CTRL+COMMAND+N
Upvote4 0 Save project as CTRL+SHIFT+COMMAND+S
Upvote4 0 Reveal in project CTRL+COMMAND+R
Upvote4 0 Show / hide project drawer CTRL+ALT+COMMAND+D
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Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Bigger font COMMAND+PLUS
Upvote4 0 Smaller font COMMAND+MINUS
Upvote4 0 Convert to uppercase CTRL+U
Upvote4 1 Convert to lowercase CTRL+SHIFT+U
Upvote4 0 Convert to titlecase CTRL+ALT+U
Upvote4 0 Convert to opposite case CTRL+G
Upvote4 0 Indent line ALT+COMMAND+[
Upvote4 0 Reformat paragraph CTRL+Q
Upvote4 0 Reformat paragraph CTRL+Q
Upvote4 0 Reformat and justify CTRL+J
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Find and replace

Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Find COMMAND+F
Upvote4 0 Find in project SHIFT+COMMAND+F
Upvote4 0 Find next COMMAND+G
Upvote4 0 Find previous SHIFT+COMMAND+G
Upvote4 0 Replace all ALT+COMMAND+F
Upvote4 0 Replace all in selection ALT+SHIFT+COMMAND+F
Upvote4 0 Replace and find ALT+COMMAND+D
Upvote4 0 Use selection for find COMMAND+E
Upvote4 0 Use selection for replace SHIFT+COMMAND+E
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Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Edit ends of selected lines ⌘+OPTION+A
Upvote4 0 Switch to vertical selection mode HIT THE OPTION KEY
Upvote4 0 Select current word CTRL+W
Upvote4 0 Start typing name of file to open it ⌘+T
Upvote4 0 Start typing name of function in current file to open it COMMAND-SHIFT-T
Upvote4 0 Start typing name of a bundle item to select it CTRL-COMMAND-T
Upvote4 0 New file COMMAND+N
Upvote4 0 Open COMMAND+O
Upvote4 0 Save COMMAND+3
Upvote4 0 Save as SHIFT+COMMAND+S
Upvote4 0 Save all ALT+COMMAND+S
Upvote4 0 Print COMMAND+P
Upvote4 0 Help COMMAND+?
Upvote4 0 Undo COMMAND+Z
Upvote4 0 Redo SHIFT+COMMAND+Z
Upvote4 0 Cut COMMAND+X
Upvote4 0 Copy COMMAND+C
Upvote4 0 Paste COMMAND+V
Upvote4 0 Paste without re-indent CTRL+COMMAND+V
Upvote4 0 Paste previous SHIFT+COMMAND+V
Upvote4 0 Paste from clipboard history SHIFT+SLT+COMMAND+V
Upvote4 0 Duplicate line / selection CTRL+SHIFT+D
Upvote4 0 Freehand editing ALT+COMMAND+E
Upvote4 0 Overwrite mode ALT+COMMAND+O
Upvote4 0 Select line SHIFT+COMMAND+L
Upvote4 0 Select enclosing brackets SHIFT+COMMAND+B
Upvote4 0 Select curret scope SHIFT+ALT+B
Upvote4 0 Select all COMMAND+A
Upvote4 0 Completion ESCAPE
Upvote4 0 Jump to selection COMMAND+J
Upvote4 0 Spelling COMMAND+:
Upvote4 0 Check spelling COMMAND+;
Upvote4 0 Check spelling as you type CTRL+COMMAND+;
Upvote4 0 Special characters ALT+COMMAND+T
Upvote4 0 Show / hide bookmarks ALT+COMMAND+B
Upvote4 0 Show / hide line numbers ALT+COMMAND+L
Upvote4 0 Soft wrap ALT+COMMAND+W
Upvote4 0 Show / hide invisibles ALT+COMMAND+I
Upvote4 0 Fold current block F1
Upvote4 0 Move line up CTRL+COMMAND+UP
Upvote4 0 Move line down CTRL+COMMAND+DOWN
Upvote4 0 Move column left CTRL+COMMAND+LEFT
Upvote4 0 Move column right CTRL+COMMAND+RIGHT
Upvote4 0 Shift left ALT+END OR COMMAND+[
Upvote4 0 Shift right ALT+HOME OR COMMAND+]
Upvote4 0 Edit each line in selection ALT+COMMAND+A
Upvote4 0 Unwrap paragraph CTRL+ALT+Q
Upvote4 0 Execute line inserting result CTRL+R
Upvote4 0 Filter through command ALT+COMMAND+R
Upvote4 0 Toggle adding bookmark COMMAND+F2
Upvote4 0 Go to next bookmark ALT+COMMAND+RIGHT
Upvote4 0 Go to previous previous bookmark ALT+COMMAND+LEFT
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