Wordpress shortcut keys


Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Move the current selection down J
Upvote4 0 Move the current selection up K
Upvote4 0 Approve the currently selected comment A
Upvote4 0 Mark the current comment as spam S
Upvote4 0 Move the comment to the trash or delete the current comment D
Upvote4 0 Restore the current comment from the trash or activate Undo when that row is selected Z
Upvote4 0 Unapprove the currently selected comment U
Upvote4 0 Initiate an inline reply to the current comment R
Upvote4 0 Activate "Quick Edit" for rapid inline editing of the current comment Q
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Bulk comments

Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Approve multiple comments SHIFT+A
Upvote4 0 Mark multiple comments as spam SHIFT+S
Upvote4 0 Delete multiple comments SHIFT+D
Upvote4 0 Unapprove multiple comments SHIFT-U
Upvote4 0 Move multiple checked comments to the trash SHIFT-T
Upvote4 0 Restore multiple checked comments from the trash SHIFT-Z
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