SQL Server Management Studio shortcut keys Windows


Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 New File CTRL+N
Upvote4 0 New Project CTRL+SHIFT+N
Upvote4 0 Open an existing file CTRL+O
Upvote4 0 Open an existing project CTRL+SHIFT+O
Upvote4 0 Add New Item to the current project CTRL+SHIFT+A
Upvote4 0 Add Existing Item to the current project ALT+SHIFT+A
Upvote4 0 Display the Query Designer CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Upvote4 0 Move to the SQL Server Management Studio menu bar ALT
Upvote4 0 Close a menu or dialog box, canceling the action ESC
Upvote4 0 Activate the menu for a tool component ALT+HYPHEN
Upvote4 0 Display the context menu SHIFT+F10
Upvote4 0 Clear all bookmarks CTRL-SHIFT-F2
Upvote4 0 Insert or remove a bookmark (toggle) CTRL+F2
Upvote4 0 Move to next bookmark F2
Upvote4 0 Move to previous bookmark SHIFT+F2
Upvote4 0 Make selection lowercase CTRL+SHIFT+L
Upvote4 0 Make selection uppercase CTRL+SHIFT+U
Upvote4 0 Select all CTRL+A
Upvote4 0 Decrease indent SHIFT+TAB
Upvote4 0 Clear the active Editor pane CTRL+SHIFT+DEL
Upvote4 0 Delete to end of a line in Editor pane CTRL+DEL
Upvote4 0 Print CTRL+P
Upvote4 0 Help for Query Analyzer F1
Upvote4 0 Help for the selected Transact-SQL SHIFT+F1
Upvote4 0 Switch panes SHIFT+F6
Upvote4 0 Window Selector CTRL+W
Upvote4 0 Object Browser (show/hide) F8
Upvote4 0 Object Search F4
Upvote4 0 Display results in grid format CTRL+D
Upvote4 0 Display results in text format CTRL+T
Upvote4 0 Move the splitter CTRL+B
Upvote4 0 Show Results pane (toggle) CTRL+R
Upvote4 0 Insert a template CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT
Upvote4 0 Replace template parameters CTRL+SHIFT+M
Upvote4 0 Display estimated execution plan CTRL+L
Upvote4 0 Display execution plan (toggle ON/OFF) CTRL+K
Upvote4 0 Index Tuning Wizard CTRL+I
Upvote4 0 Show client statistics CTRL+SHIFT+S
Upvote4 0 Show server trace CTRL+SHIFT+T
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Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Connect CTRL+O
Upvote4 0 Disconnect CTRL+F4
Upvote4 0 Disconnect and close child window ALT+F4
Upvote4 0 Database object information ALT+F1
Upvote4 0 Use database CTRL+U
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Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 New Query window CTRL+N
Upvote4 0 Parse the query and check syntax CTRL+F5
Upvote4 0 Execute a query F5 OR CTRL + E
Upvote4 0 Save results to file CTRL+SHIFT+F
Upvote4 0 Cancel a query ALT+BREAK
Upvote4 0 Save CTRL+S
Upvote4 0 Increase indent TAB
Upvote4 0 Comment - Remove Comment CTRL+K > U
Upvote4 0 Switch between query and result panes F6
Upvote4 0 Comment - Comment Out Code CTRL+K > C
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Useful Description Keys
Upvote4 0 Find CTRL+F
Upvote4 0 Go to a line number CTRL+G
Upvote4 0 Repeat last search or find next F3
Upvote4 0 Replace CTRL+H
Upvote4 0 Undo CTRL+Z
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