Keyboard shortcuts for Linux Bash Terminal

Bash is a Unix shell and command language. Bash keyboard shortcuts are based on Emacs.

Bash Navigation

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + A Move to the start of the command line
Ctrl + E Move to the end of the command line
Ctrl + F Move one character forward
Ctrl + B Move one character backward
Ctrl + XX Switch cursor position between start of the command line and the current position
Ctrl + ] + x Moves the cursor forward to next occurrence of x
Alt + F / Esc + F Moves the cursor one word forward
Alt + B / Esc + B Moves the cursor one word backward
Alt + Ctrl + ] + x Moves cursor to the previous occurrence of x

Bash Control/Process

Ctrl + L Similar to clear command, clears the terminal screen
Ctrl + S Stops command output to the screen
Ctrl + Z Suspends current command execution and moves it to the background
Ctrl + Q Resumes suspended command
Ctrl + C Sends SIGI signal and kills currently executing command
Ctrl + D Closes the current terminal

Bash History

Ctrl + R Incremental reverse search of bash history
Alt + P Non-incremental reverse search of bash history
Ctrl + J Ends history search at current command
Ctrl + _ Undo previous command
Ctrl + P / Up arrow Moves to previous command
Ctrl + N / Down arrow Moves to next command
Ctrl + S Gets the next most recent command
Ctrl + O Runs and re-enters the command found via Ctrl + S and Ctrl + R
Ctrl + G Exits history search mode
!! Runs last command
!* Runs previous command except its first word
!*:p Displays what !* substitutes
!x Runs recent command in the bash history that begins with x
!x:p Displays the x command and adds it as the recent command in history
!$ Same as OPTION+., brings forth last argument of the previous command
!^ Substitutes first argument of last command in the current command
!$:p Displays the word that !$ substitutes
^123^abc Replaces 123 with abc
!n:m Repeats argument within a range (i.e, m 2-3)
!fi Repeats latest command in history that begins with fi
!n Run nth command from the bash history
!n:p Prints the command !n executes
!n:$ Repeat arguments from the last command (i.e, from argument n to $)

Bash Editing

Ctrl + U Deletes before the cursor until the start of the command
Ctrl + K Deletes after the cursor until the end of the command
Ctrl + W Removes the command/argument before the cursor
Ctrl + D Removes the character under the cursor
Ctrl + H Removes character before the cursor
Alt + D Removes from the character until the end of the word
Alt + Backspace Removes from the character until the start of the word
Alt + . / Esc+. Uses last argument of previous command
Alt + < Moves to the first line of the bash history
Alt + > Moves to the last line of the bash history
Esc + T Switch between last two words before cursor
Alt + T Switches current word with the previous

Bash Information

TAB Autocompletes the command or file/directory name

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